Painting from feeling

I have spent most of the holiday painting and drawing when I have free time I would take a brush and started to paint. For most, I would like to tell you that I decide to get thick wood then sand it out. So the surface would be smooth for painting. I have my own challenge to paint a painter for the teacher as a gift to say thank you for the amazing year.

The Man who built Cambodia _ Vann Moyvann story

The story of Vann Molyvann, an iconic architect whose legacy could shape a new vision for Cambodia.

Vann Molyvann is a Cambodia architect that shape and creates a monumental monument National Sports Complex, Chaktomuk Conference Hall, Independence Monument. He legacy has been diminished little by little due to the cultural vandalism by those who allowed the demolition/destruction of some of his finer buildings. I was miserable when I saw what had happened to Cambodia and the structure that was built. Vann Molyvann is my star that I look up to all the time. He was my inspiration to create the structure for future Cambodia. 

Abstract Art

On my summer holiday, I have been taking some of my time to work on my Blender skill. I had in my mind, “I don’t know what I should do.” I go online and found artwork that has colorful color and there doesn’t have a shape that like a drawing or a model. It is the abstract art so I take the picture and turn it into a 3d abstract art. When I finish the abstract art I went on to work with food. I decide to pick a food that everyone likes it and also it with my level of learning then I choose to make pizza. Making pizza it a struggle for me to adjust the texture of the cheese. There some more artwork in the picture below. I hope you enjoy my artwork. 

Independent Discovery (Blender)

              In the past seven weeks, I was working on a software can Blender ( 3D design software). I had created much sense of nature using this powerful software. The sense had grass and some flower along with a terrain with sand. It was really hard to work with particle function because it required time to render. Particle function is a mode that we use to make a lot of item in one go like the cherry blossom, I have a single flower but I use the particle function it created more design and random. I use this time also fixing my old Blender design that I don’t have time to edit. You can see the picture below.  

3D design and Animations

In this year I start learning about blender to make a 3d design or 3d animation that make me learn how to be a 3d modeling people. In my free time, I start to make some of this idea. My challenge is to know all of the shortcuts in the blender so I need to learn blender and learning for school homework so it really hard for me to thinking about that. In the time of holiday, I have been doing this animation and 3d design of the objects.