Wonder Woman Physics


Dianna blocking scenes

Dianna of the mascara is certainly wondrously crafted by the gods themselves she is incredibly strong and agile quick enough to matrix-style visualize bullets and block them just being fast and just being strong isn’t enough to do what Wonder Woman does she have to be really smart too.  

Wonder Woman’s abilities have been to use her indestructible to deflect incoming projectiles in most cases bullets. It seems straightforward to identify the bullet and block it but it’s not that easy and that’s where the wonder comes in. To block the bullet, we need the reaction time to do so and you need to be strong enough to withstand the impact so first what does blocking a bullet feels like well right.

         Right before impact; bullet has two-quantities that can help us determine what the force would feel like when you block a bullet the first is momentum (MV) then Kinetic Energy (1/2MV^2).


         Before we get into Dianna shoot blocking, we need to understand the feel of blocking a shot. Base in the movie of Wonder Woman, the German using the gun call Gewehr 98, that had a bullet weight of 9.9-grams with a velocity of 878 m/s and with time travel of 1/24 s because in the sense of Wonder Woman movie it takes about that time.

          So we can use the F=MA to measure how much force did Diana had felt every time she blocked a shot of a Gewehr 98. Base on the calculation she needs to experience 210 N every time. F = MV/T, F = 9.9*878/1/24 s, F = 210 N.

          The kinetic energy of bullets is an important metric weaponry because it describes how far a bullet will go how far it will penetrate into some object before it is slowed down by the forces impressed upon it but Dianna’s braces are impenetrable so instead we are gonna use momentum which describes how long it will take a bullet to be slowed down to zero by some force based.

       She can block a bullet without reacting to and so her reaction time would have to be incredibly fast. War scene it is about 800m with a reaction time of 0.9s. With beach scene is less than 100m she had a reaction time of 0.1s. It the scene she saves a person with 5-meters away, she had a reaction time of 0.01s. That is twice as fast as our brain can tell us to move our limbs. Blocking bullet like Wonder Woman it not just require strength or speed in have to be a gigantic physics nerd.


Study of Kinematic

   Physics is not just a study of forces or motion, but math also has a role in physics as well as the living thing nonliving thing can involve inside a word of physics. We also learned to apply formulas to an exercise. It is challenging since I always have to be organized in solving the problems. I like that there is a variety of ways that can be done in the solving process, When I’m not sure about some problems I can try many ways to solves the problems successfully.

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