Slam Poem- Grandfather Gone

   In literacy class, we were focusing on Slam poetry. The to teacher told us to choose a topic that really one to make a poetry. So I chose to talk about my grandfather that pass away when I was 10 years old.


You were my life

You were my soul

You were my grandfather who had to go

Why you left me in this world

With no one to talk to



The sound of you fall to the ground

I didn’t know you have gone,

After I know it

My soul has fallen to the ground, and

My heart was broken

I still remember


The day that you left me

It was the saddest of my life.

I remember sitting at home

And crying all day and all night.

I know it really hurt your feeling;

It hurt me too like someone stack me,

With a knife into my heart

But now that you’re gone and


All I know is I miss you.

The night sky has another star

As my tears streamed down my face

Your life has become a loving memory

And you will always hold a place for me

I love and miss you with all my heart

And I want you to know


I will treasure the memories I have for you

I will never let you go.

I know you will never be far.

My heart will always be with you.

I love you, grandpa, I will love you until I gone.

As my tears raced down my face;

And I never want you to buried deep.


I can’t believe you went to sleep.

So, grandfather, I will say goodbye

Now it’s time to say goodbye,

Until I see you again someday when I die.

We will never be too far apart.

As long as I have my loving memories


Thinking of the knowledge, that you gave me

Thinking about the things that we did together

Thinking about the time that we laughed and cried

Thinking about the day that you hug and have fun with me

Thinking of this I can’t forgive you  

Your soul has taken me to you  


Waiting for you to say my last goodbye

I kiss your picture

And say my last goodbye

Thinking of you, GRANDPA


In our class we learn about entrepreneurship. In entrepreneurs we learn about 3D printing and what does 3D printing do is to make an a object that is three dimensional and it make by putting down a thin layer to make a object. That we design our product that can print in the 3D printing and it have a lot of advantage and good product. In we learning we learn the team to make use not more to learn about how to make a business. So we have 12 students the teacher divide each team has 2 people. Each team have to think of the problem that people had and come up with an ideas to help solving people problem. In each team have to divide the job. Their is 2 job in each team one is marketing and other is designer. The marketing person that doing promote product,money and other. Designer is a person that design the product. In each team think of the cost and profit of there product. At the end of the class we have went to sell our product at Asia Hope, Logo school and Pannasastra University of Cambodia at their we sell of our product. When it to end of the class we have a test to make a step to make business by using the team that we had learn. Then we have an a sheraton to talk about what we do in the class and what we do. There are presentation that we doing in our class.

Biology 2

In our class we learn Metabolism, Fungi and Metabolism Experiments. I will explain you about Metabolism, Fungi and Metabolism Experiments. Metabolism is to break down molecules to make energy. Fungi has three types mushroom, mold, and fungi. In our class we had made an experiment about metabolism and my experiment is about using bacteria to make yogurt in different temperature. The diagram below is the hypothesis and questions that I did about this experiment.



Names: Soliday-Menghouth-Leap

Experiment Title: Bacteria experiment


First Observations: The bacteria like to live in the warm place.

Question: How does the temperature of milk impact the rate of metabolism of bacteria?

Hypothesis:   I think the bacteria in warm milk (35c*) will do more metabolism than bacteria in  cold milk and hot milk because bacteria liked nb to live in a warm place when they make yogurt.


Question Independent Variable (What we change) Dependent Variable (What we  measure and how/when) Controls (What we keep the same) Materials
How does the temperature of milk impact the rate of metabolism of bacteria? We change the temperature Measure the

thickness of the yogurt by observations

The type of balloon.

The type of milk.

The amount of milk.

the amount of bacteria.

The same size of the bottle (3 bottles).

  1. 3 Bowl
  2. ½  of the powder of milk.
  3. the hot milk is 40c*
  4. cold milk 9c*
  5. warm milk 35c*
  6. yogurt
  7. tablet


Control Group: warm milk ( 35c* )

Experimental Group:   Hot milk (40c*) and cold milk (9c*) .

This is the data that we take for our Experiments

Time Hot milk(40c*)


Warm milk(35c*) observations Cold milk(9c*)


1 hour Do a little metabolize (thick little bit) Warm milk do more metabolize (little thick) Not really thick
2 hour Thick little Warm milk do more metabolize (a lot more) Not really thick (little)
3 hour Do a normal metabolize (try to make it thick) Warm milk do more metabolize (a lot) Not thick, don’t do a lots of metabolize



At the beginning of our experiment the temperature in each bowl were different. Also, in the beginning, only the hot milk with bacteria have the thickness but at the end all (the ) bowls have the same thickness.

We think this  happening because

  • Different amount of milk powder.
  • The temperature is all the same at the end

This does not match our hypothesis. If we did this experiment again we would


If we did this experiment again we would put the same amount of milk powder.



Learning Facilitator: Jeff B.

Course Description:

This course reinforces arithmetic skills, developing the pre-algebra concepts of variable recognition, signed numbers, formulas and single variable equations. Students will be introduced to algebraic symbolism, simplifying expressions, solutions to elementary equations, and the graphic representations associated with variables.