Games Around the World

Our exploration is called Games Around the World, basically games around the world doesn’t mean to the online games or any sport games but it is refer to the informal or playground games. Our members decide to make a survey to ask students and the staff in Liger about the games, how to play and materials we need for the game. Almost everyone submitted the form and we get a lot games from the student and the staff in Liger. Also we sent the survey to the people at another country who we know. Some of them response our mail and some are not. Not just that we also tried to research more game on internet, especially how to play. After getting so many games we create a blog to put the game in and also we attach the google form if anybody would like to put more games.


Menghuoth Marine Conservation Reflection

When I went there I felt so fresh and happy because I could see many thing like the blue ocean, coral reef, forest and many people that are trying to protect the ocean. The thing that impress me the most were to see the beautiful coral reef and fish and other organisms that live in the ocean. Before, I thought in Cambodia we didn’t have any coral reefs and many different types of fish. I learned about the different types of seahorses, algae and fish. I learned that the fishermen in Cambodia need other ways to make money. When I saw the fisherman take everything in the ocean I felt strong that I will protect my ecosystem. I think in the future when I’m 25 or older I will go back to MCC to volunteer.

Minister and School Director Presentation

On 12 January 2015 Liger Learning Center have student presentation to minister of education and high school director in Phnom Penh for listening to what we do in our school. In that day we have seven presentation they are recruitment, project base learning, touring, STEAM class, STEAM activity, in each presentation we have 25 minute to present when the time is up the gong will make a noise. When I saw the minister and school director. My job the presentation to guide minister and school director around the campus I was so nervous because I don’t know them and I my first time to present to the minister and school director but I want to take a real opportunity for myself. After the first presentation I felt much better to speak to.

Visitor Information Palace (VIP)

In the this Exploration I have been working on how to design the 3D building that we want to create a 3D model for Liger Learning Center(LLC) that we can put in the Visitor Information Palace(VIP). Why we want to make VIP because we the visitor came to Liger they know to walk in with out know what is the liger.In this project we use the 3D design called Blender then we use our own 3D printingto print the building. It was my first time to learn the 3D design and it was so hard to design the building. When we do the 3D design than we need to think about the design for the inside what we want put in the container. In the container we has the 3D model, Liger learning model, thing for sale, a slide show,a video and the solar system.      

Independent Discovery about Rosetta and Philae

My goal to learn more about rosetta that when to comet and other thing that I want to learn about I will share with other people that they want to know more. My another goal to make a comet from 3d printer

This work is on Week 1

It moves at a speed as great as 135,000 kilometers per hour. comet
They land on comet 12 November 2014, 17:32 UTC (UTC stand for Universal Time Coordinated)
It side is 4 kilometers across
The Phillae is 100kg
The total mission cost of Rosetta close to 1.4billion Euros of which the total Philae costs are 220 Million Euros
Rosetta was launched on 2 March 2004, 07:17 UTC (UTC stand for Universal Time Coordinated)
Philae hibernation on 15 November 2014, waking up 13 June 2015 18:18 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
They released at a height of about 22.5 kilometres from the centre of the comet and will touch down on the comet at walking speed, minimizing the risk of an incident
It 186 million kilometers from the Sun
Earth that is between about 800 million

This work is on Week 2

The Rosetta short the information back to earth takes 28.30 min in the speed of light.
It weight 3 billion tons
North pole is in the middle
the comet they think to comet join together and they got different material that why in the middle the evaporate more
The comet rotated once in 12 hours
That comet is floats in water went we put in water 90% in water and 10% on top of the water.
Time to fall 1 meter=120s=2 minutes their no air resistance
On their it a thousandths less than a g. Example: if you wave 200Ibs on their it will wave 2000Ibs
Escape Velocity on 67p is v=0.5m/s or 1 mph.
If you jump on earth just 0.5in it ok but in 67p it will that you away from the 67p and never see you again.
What the Rosetta drop the Philae to the surface of 67p it take 7 hour
The camera have every side on the Phillae
They use an x-ray the comet by using a ratio signal to the other side where the orbit spacecraft is we want to see what is inside the comet The Phillae have the battery
When they go at the first time they reduce 1 cup/s but went it near the sun in will reduce Galan /s
Solar powered 100 ft solar panel span 850watts

Day one Reflection

How have my literacy skills changed?

On the first year trouble with spelling a lot because I’m not really good at spelling. Example: I spell sick into stick and the other one is ticket into tricker. On reading in the group I’m like level A to B and now I have a lot higher level. The grammar is so bad and I did not know anything but now I know a lot more. Example present perfect, simple past, future past. About my writing it was bad but now it improved and it need that last time.

Word Maze 2 – Angela Bracelet

Angela stopped looking at her bracelet to admire the ocean. Her grandmother had given it to (improve, opinion, her), and it was very special. Then (Angela, religion, scare) slipped off her shoes to enjoy(strongly, huge, a) barefoot walk along the beach.

A (woman, communicate, reason) in a boat passed by. She (waved, easy, wildly), and Angela waved back. Then she (comfort, stared, introduce) down at her arm in shock. (Crying, Punishment, Granny’s)bracelet was gone!

Angela returned to (her, plan, butter) family and told them about her (bracelet, relaxed, throw) disaster. They burst into action. Grandpa (used, lie, salt) his metal detector. He couldn’t find (ran, neck, the) bracelet.

Angela’s brother Johnny followed his (inside, fought, sister’s) footprints along the beach. He too(determined, dirty, hoped) to discover her bracelet, but he (never, light, reflect) saw it.

Mom carefully sifted the (girl, sand, wooden) where Angela had been sitting. She (searched, street, leg)and searched. She couldn’t find the (happy, bracelet, small), either.

It was time to go (home, skin, agree). Angela blinked back tears. She picked (up, told, dress) her shoe. Out fell the bracelet!

Student Proposal – KID(Ny, Day, Ron, Mak, MH, Dav)

Exploration Name: KID (Khmer Interior Design)
Blue: Business
Red : Designer Design
Student Proposal Writers: Thiny, Soliday, Niron, Makara,Menghuoth and Davith
Number of Students you want in your Final Exploration: 6
Topic: Interior Design
Subject Area: Art

Summarize the goals of your exploration.
In this Exploration, we learn the interior design and share it to Cambodian. We notice that most of the interior designers are foreigners, not a lot are Cambodians. There are a lot of new buildings that are developing now and that’s the sign of needing more interior designers. We want to encourage Cambodian to be interior designers because we want Cambodian to have work to do.

What do you hope to do and learn?
Some of the big activities that we want to do are working with expert to learn about interior design from Iching. Also we want to accomplish designing room with some innovative stuff in there.
Some of the topics that we want to learn more about are interior designs and Innovations because these two topics are connected to each other. The way they’re connected is we we need some innovative staff to design a room or hotel or office.
We will have two teams, one is design team which in charge of designing and another is business which in charge of knowing how much the material cost and contact the place that we will go.

What are some BIG questions that your exploration would answer?
How does interior design effect to Cambodia economics?
Will Cambodian people interested in interior design? What are something that might interesting to them?
What are some interior design that Cambodian people might like the most?

How would your exploration help to change Cambodia?
Get people thinking about change? How?
We are getting people to think about change by encourage them to be interior designer and tell them that there are not a lot of interior designers that are Cambodian.
Modeling change to others? How?
Advertising change? How?Making a change? How?

What resources do you need to complete this exploration?

human – support from teachers, experts, facilitators, etc.
Iching (Benita)
technology – computers, video cameras, cameras
knowledge – do you need to have a skill that you don’t know how to do yet?
example: how to edit audio; how to make a lesson plan; how to use a software program; how to make professional phone calls; how to network with local businesses
Interior designing
Price of material
physical – paper, paint, fabric, poster board, wood, etc.
room to design, stuff to make sofa and table, paint
Website – We want to share about interior design job through blog.

Are you planning any off-campus trips?
If yes, why? What is the benefit to your exploration/learning?
How long will it be?
Yes, we would like to go to Iching to learn how to design and working with the staff there. .
We also want to go other hotel or guesthouse to see their design, we plan to go to Plantation.
Do you have a mentor/expert who could help you?
Iching Member, especially Benita