About Me

Hi and Welcome to my portfolio! Lim Meng Huoth is my name. I’m a high school senior. People say that I’m a good student and I love designing, reading, and laughing — I use to laugh 20 minutes straight. I want to go to college because I want to diversify my knowledge and become a respected professional in one field.

I could say that I’m a hard-working and accountable student. I have many friends as a sociable person because I like to talk and meet new people. I always accept difficult tasks. I’m a really excited, hard-willed student and I think that’s my strength.

My friends say I’m a very funny, interesting, and humorous friend. I feel extremely comfortable with new people who are happy to meet me. Friendship, I believe, is one of human life’s most important experiences. With friendship we can exchange new ideas, find lots of interesting things and learn new lessons. I value friendship and the people around me.

It enables me to meet new people who are helping me to build and develop my ability not only with regard to my subjects but also in my hobbies. As my hobbies, I love to think of creative design or idea, and the thing I love to do has become even more enjoyable. I’m happy when others look happy at the creative artwork that I produce.

The goal that I am trying to achieve now is to improve this world by starting the changes in me. Sure, I’ve had bad experiences, too, but that’s exactly what made me the way I’ve been now: grateful, loving and willing to study well because it will help me in the future to be a success and have a high standard of living. I believe in each day, I feel more accountable for what I do and where I go. With everything I already have, I know that I’m on the right track, and I’m going to do my best to inspire others to live like they are.