Painting from feeling

I have spent most of the holiday painting and drawing when I have free time I would take a brush and started to paint. For most, I would like to tell you that I decide to get thick wood then sand it out. So the surface would be smooth for painting. I have my own challenge to paint a painter for the teacher as a gift to say thank you for the amazing year.

The Man who built Cambodia _ Vann Moyvann story

The story of Vann Molyvann, an iconic architect whose legacy could shape a new vision for Cambodia.

Vann Molyvann is a Cambodia architect that shape and creates a monumental monument National Sports Complex, Chaktomuk Conference Hall, Independence Monument. He legacy has been diminished little by little due to the cultural vandalism by those who allowed the demolition/destruction of some of his finer buildings. I was miserable when I saw what had happened to Cambodia and the structure that was built. Vann Molyvann is my star that I look up to all the time. He was my inspiration to create the structure for future Cambodia. 

LED CUBE Patterns

     My round 2 ASE focused on building a LED CUBE that made by led into a cube of 4 by 4 by 4. In this LED cube it displays pattern of light that looks really cool. I was using Arduino to input code to run the pattern by javascript. I had a really hard time to work with soldiering because the wire and the soldier don’t really connect to each other. So this work is still in process, when it was done I will show it to everyone and maybe created the pattern that goes along with the music.

Assembly 3D Printer

     My round 1 ASE focused on building a 3D printer. I was assembly the new printer for Liger, it was a Prusa original i3 MK2. I had a really hard time assembly the printer because I need to use as little force as possible, the instruction is so confusing that so time you can break thing because the instruction is clear. At the end, I can complete the assembly of the printer.